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Frequently asked questions​ about
Natural Chicle Gum Base

What is gum base ?  

It is an inert, insoluble and non-nutritive masticatory substance, used as a support for the

edible and soluble portion of the chewing gum 


That is used for the chewing gum base ?  

Is delivery system used to carry sweeteners, flavors and any other desired substances in

chewing gum. It provides all basic textural and masticatory properties of gum


What are the ingredients of synthetic gum base ? 

It is made of a combination synthetic ingredients, as polymers, elastomers, waxes,

anti-oxidants and softeners. Ingredients considered health risks


What is natural chicle gum base ?

It is a natural products manufactured with chicle tree sap, candelilla wax and citric complex.


What are the advantages and benefits of natural chicle gum base?

All natural & environmentally friendly product.

Eliminating health risk to consumer.

Enhances flavor release and reduces actives off-taste

Low stickiness during chewing

More chewability. Improves texture of the gums. 

Best delivery system for all ingredients in the formulations


The natural chicle gum base is : Vegan, No-Allergens & Non-GMO Product?

Yes because, it only contains vegetable ingredients.

Development in nature. Without the intervention of man


What are chewing gum brands that use natural chicle gum base?

Currently there are 39 natural chewing gum brands in world and the number growing fast.


How many manufacturers are there of natural chicle gum base?

Only one, Aboaf Corp. with more than 30 years of experience.

What is the cost to obtain samples?

The product is free,

Only the shipping costs are paid,

$ 35.00 US Dlls / Kg 

Includes delivery to your address. It is the same cost for all countries


How soon will the product arrive?

Approximate time is 12 to 15 days

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