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How to make natural chewing gum with

Chicle tree sap gum base

Industrial Manufacturing & Homemade Processing

Innovating in the Age of Naturalness

We live in a changing culture of health and wellness where natural is the symbol of quality.

There is currently high demand for authentic, healthy & sustainable products,

And is driving to the brands that deliver these attributes

To be able to offer its consumers chewing gums with this characteristics and excellent quality

The alternative is to use in their formulations: 

Natural Chicle Gum Base

The solution for enter in natural product market

Industrial Manufacture 

The chicle gum base is mixer with additives. It is placed in kettles to be cooked & additional  ingredients are

stirred on by large steel blades. First extremely fine powdered sugar and syrups are added, the flavorings,

next followed by softeners. When the mixture is smooth enough, it is rolled out on to belts and cooled by

being exposed to cold air. The next  step is kneading. For several hours machines gently pummel the mass.

Full Description

Manufacture  Without  Machinery

Homemade natural chewing gum integrated with online sales. 

Is growing rapidly in the International markets.

For to easy process without machinery and get natural chewing gums with best quality. 

Is the manufacture with chicle gum base 


Recipes Process Description   

Sugars,  Sugarfree,  Functional-Herbal, Bubblegums 

World  Brands

Currently are 35 brands of natural chewing gums​ in world and the number growing fast​​. 

Today, there is a huge gap between companies that launch innovative products and companies who don’t. 

Development new products to meet the growing demand for healthy-functional-green chewing gums

It is the key to success in today's markets.

AB Natural Base SA. Mexico  Phone 52 55 56652 1839

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