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Technology Development Natural Chicle Gum Base

AB Natural Base SA.

Is the manufacturer and supplier with more of 30 years of being the leader in :
Extraction and transformation of chicle tree sap for to make natural gum bases
With strict quality controls in all manufacturing stages

To offer products that comply with:

Food International Quality Standards

Natural chicle certifications

Chicle Tree Sap

The original chewing gum base was Mayan chicle tree sap,

Obtained through of manilkara sapota tree which is native

Central  America Jungles.

Through of implementing new technologies.

They managed to update the old chicle sap process.

To obtain natural gum base with excellent quality 

That combines Nature & Science for manufacture: 

The Authentic Chewing Gum.

Chicle Gum Base  New Technology

​Is manufactured from chicle tree sap, candelilla wax and

natural citrus complex .Offering best substitute of resins, elastomers, polymers and waxes synthetics

That are easily and homogeneously incorporated in any

new formulation types.Giving to chewing gum unique

properties and completely all natural products

We have a chicle gum base for each chewing gum types

That you want to produce in presentations block & powder

With quality international standards (Food Grade FDA)

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